7,000 Points and Counting…

Drummondville franchisor appreciates being rewarded for loyal purchasing

Chez Louis has been serving yummy pizza, chicken and poutine dishes in Drummondville, Quebec, for almost 30 years. The chain’s three locations are popular with parents who appreciate the family-friendly atmosphere and a menu that ensures their children will eat well.

Others value not only the hearty food but the convenience of being able to order by phone or even more conveniently through the Chez Louis website (www.chezlouispouletetpizza.com) for quick delivery or pickup.

“We also have a quite a number of businesspeople who stop by to eat on their drive between Montreal and Quebec City,” adds Éric Durepos, the company’s president. “Our locations halfway between those cities make this an ideal place to enjoy a good meal.”

One customer, who lives in Sherbrooke, Quebec, noted on Facebook that he and his family drive out of their way a couple of times a month to enjoy a Chez Louis dinner.

The company runs Les Cuisines Régal catering service for special events, as well as for kindergarten and grade school programs, with a strong emphasis on lighter, health-conscious food that also tastes delicious.

And to indulge those occasional cravings for some good French Fries with sauce, the Shack 79 food truck is “the king of poutine” on the city’s streets.

With all of these services, the company needs to buy a large and steady amount of food supplies. So Durepos was delighted when his long-time distributor, AOF Service Alimentaire, pointed out the Brand Points PLUS loyalty program as a way to earn points for various food purchases.

“When our distributor explained that it was a free program that just required us to register to receive these points whenever we buy from the participating suppliers, well, how can you say no?” Durepos says. “It’s a gift.”

Durepos says his company is now making a conscious decision to buy strictly from participating Brand Points PLUS suppliers as much as possible. “It only makes sense to benefit from the rewards being offered for my company’s purchasing fidelity,” he says.

“I also appreciate that our distributor, AOF, always checks when we’re buying anything to see whether the items that we want are available from a participating supplier,” he adds.

Durepos heartily recommends Brand Points PLUS to other restaurateurs, too. “It’s a good program that doesn’t take any effort other than to register and then choose the participating suppliers’ products to earn the greatest number of points,” he explains. “And you can earn benefit from the equivalent of a thousand or two thousand dollars of kitchen or data-processing equipment over time – so why not?”

Since joining Brand Points PLUS in April 2016, the company has accumulated more than 7,000 points.

Durepos hasn’t yet chosen an item for redeeming those points, but that is bound to change. “I’m sure we’ll treat ourselves to something really nice in the near future,” he says