True Stories

Meet Kelly Andreas

Executive chef, Diversity Food Services, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Has just started collecting points

Kelly Andreas oversees the operation of seven food outlets including a catering department, three standalone restaurants and three outlets at the University of Winnipeg. He manages operations, food ordering, recruitment and training for more than 80 employees.

 BPP program advantage:

“We’re excited to begin using it as a reward program for our staff. We’re running internal competitions and staff will win the chance to select their own prizes. Right now we’re asking for their entries to choose a name for our new golf course restaurant, and be eligible for gifts through Brand Points PLUS. It’s a great way for us to reward our employees for their performance and participation.”

Checking points on

“I check our points all the time, and I’ve reviewed the catalogue many times. The variety of rewards basically reaches out to everybody. No matter who you are, you can find something in there that will benefit you or is useful to you.”

Redeeming points:

“The program is extremely reasonable with its rewards structure, especially compared to some programs where you have to get thousands of points just to get a small reward.”

Receiving rewards:

“It’s very easy to use and the turnaround is quite quick, and that will be important to our staff who are waiting for their rewards to arrive.”

Meet Lori Rice

Kitchen manager at Slemon Park Hotel & Conference Centre, Slemon Park, PEI

Collecting points since March 2016

Lori Rice runs a multi-function kitchen with a restaurant and bar that serves the Atlantic Police Academy three meals a day and caters weddings, meetings, retirement parties and other events in-house and off-site.

BPP program advantage:

“I think it has been about a year since we started collecting brand points and to tell you the truth, I forgot about them until my rep reminded me. I always read the flyers that came to me with the products that were featured, and it sometimes gave me good ideas for specials and I earned points at the same time. I just never thought they would build up so quickly.”

Checking points on

“I am looking forward to building my points up again and getting more rewards. There is so much to choose from and many things I have my eye on.”

Redeeming points:

“I found it very easy to redeem points, and my order arrived well before I expected it to, maybe 10 days and I expected 4 to 6 weeks. The iPod was the first item I redeemed to get, and I can’t wait to redeem more.”

Receiving rewards:

“The BPP site quotes 4-6 weeks for delivery, but it has never taken more than 2 weeks.”

Lori’s payoff so far:

“I recently traded in my Brand points for an Apple iPod to use in the kitchen. Our radio is always just static, so I downloaded a radio app and we now have a perfect non-static radio to listen to.”