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Fast! Easy! True Stories about Brand Points Plus

Since launching the Brand Points PLUS program, we’ve heard plenty of great comments from operators. Let’s hear from two operators about how they like the program—and see what rewards they’ve gotten with their points.

bpp schmidtMeet Stewart Schmidt

Executive Chef, Bingemans, Kitchener, Ont.
Collecting points since April 2015

Stewart Schmidt has a lot on his plate, so to speak. Bingemans offers “Grand Experiences” through catering, weddings, entertainment, conferences, even camping.

BPP program advantage:
“To me, quality and price—then points—are important. This allows Bingemans to order products like normal with the opportunity to use points to buy big ticket items with points rather than use our company purchasing.”

Checking points on bpp.ca:
“I check once a month—I just buy regular products and watch the points go up.”

Redeeming points:
“It was easy! Took 10 minutes.”

Receiving rewards:
“I ordered one reward and had it 2 days later. Very shocked how quick rewards arrive.”

Stewart’s payoff so far:
“We got the smoothie makers to make a smoothie bar for catering.”

  • Salton Vita Pro Plus Low-Speed Juicer & Smoothie Maker x 2
  • Black & Decker 16-Cup Rice Cooker

bpp schmidt rewards

bpp heimpelMeet Anton Heimpel

Owner, At the Crossroads Family Restaurant, Elmira, Ont.
Collecting points since April 2015

Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets, plus a full menu of traditional favourites. Anton Heimpel appreciates that BPP makes running his busy business easier.

BPP program advantage:
“It’s simple—I really like that there are a bunch of products I was already buying and now have the added value of having BP+ points attached to them. I can continue running my business the way I want and receive added benefit from my foodservice distributor. We don’t transition menu items based on bonus point opportunities, but we do instruct our staff to increase order quantities on any of the products we buy with bonus points during the BPP flyer/e-blast timeframe.”   

Checking points on bpp.ca:
“I look every few months to see how many points we have; then I browse the rewards catalogue to see what we want to redeem for.”

Redeeming points:
“It’s super easy! Pick, click and the reward is shipped to you.”

Receiving rewards:
“The BPP site quotes 4-6 weeks for delivery but it has never taken more than 2 weeks.”

Anton’s payoff so far:
“I’ve already done two separate redemptions, and used the rewards for personal use and gifts.”

  • Celestron Trekking Guide GPS Navigator
  • The North Face Terra 65 Pack
  • Sony Blu-ray player
  • Buck Knives Folding Saw
  • Warbird 2.0 golf ball (12/pack)

bpp heimpel rewards