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Quality And Service From A Premier Loyalty Program

Offering loyalty like no other, the Brand Points PLUS (BP+) program is all about the customer. Free to join, with no commitment required, no extra paperwork and no effect on product pricing, the rewards are never-ending. BP+ points are obtained through Greenbridge Foodservice’s exclusive network of Canadian distributors. How quickly points accumulate is up to you, the operators. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Product quality and service

“We strive to have one vendor in each category or subcategory in the BP+ program," says Guy Bourbeau, vice-president of category development with Greenbridge Foodservice. "We are adding new products every month and five to 10 new vendors every year.” 

These vendors and their products are recognized national brands – brands that provide the quality and consistency independent foodservice operators depend on to succeed in the market.

Nothing is set in stone. Being open to the needs (and wants) of their loyal customers, BP+ goes above and beyond expectations unheard of in a points program.

“If an operator does not see a product they want, they can put in a request,” says Bourbeau. “For example, if they are looking for purple kumquats that aren’t in the program, they just need to request it and then we will ask the vendor. Ninety-nine out of 100 times, the vendor says yes.”

Reward quality and service

Rewards are scrutinized with the same parameters used for qualifying vendors and products: nationally recognized and trusted brands.

“We are making a conscious decision to buy strictly from participating Brand Points PLUS suppliers as much as possible. It only makes sense to benefit from the rewards being offered for my company’s purchasing fidelity.” - Chez Louis, Quebec

“We want our customers to know they are receiving quality products when they redeem their points,” says Bourbeau. “[Companies] Like Dyson and Kawasaki.”

Redeeming points is a simple process with no surprises. All rewards include tax, duty and delivery – wherever you are in Canada. Rewards are delivered within four to six weeks, but can arrive as quickly as 10 days. 

Again, nothing is set in stone. 

“Operators can use their points to get pretty much whatever they want. We don’t have any limits,” says Bourbeau. “We have done all kinds of weird and wacky things – custom watches, procured Canada Goose jackets and snow tires. None of these items are in the rewards catalogue per se, but if the customer wants it, we will do our utmost to get the product or the reward they request.”

Points available everywhere

Foodservice is more than just the food, and the BP+ program has certainly taken that into account.

“We have Cascades as an example. They have a full bathroom dispenser system. The washroom sometimes gets left behind, pardon the pun. Whether it's toilet tissue, paper towels, cleaning materials or wipers, whatever they need in the washroom or in the kitchen they will find in the program.”

Bourbeau also mentions disposables and takeout packaging. “If you aren’t purchasing products that earn points, they should be using the search engine either by keyword or vendor name to see if a comparable product is available. A simple switch will add to their bank of points.”

Racking up the points

BP+ sends out a bimonthly national flyer offering multiplier points – offering a range of two to 20 times the usual points. 

“Paying attention to the flyer (and the e-blasts and reminders leading up to eight-week purchasing period) and stocking up on products you are already buying can quickly rack up points,” suggests Bourbeau.

"The bimonthly promotion is a great time for an operator to launch an LTO. Use the multiplier incentive to try something new. Whether offering menu items at a discount or doing a feature there is additional work involved in LTOs. Why not be compensated for the extra effort?" 

A points’ business review with your rep is another easy way to ensure you are maximizing your points, Bourbeau suggests. "Use the e-blast we send out showing operators' activity report on items they have bought generating points. What products are not on the report? Is there an alternative product or alternative vendor offering a similar product which also earns points? Making a simple change would generate more points and therefore more rewards. If the alternate product is also part of the bimonthly promotion, the points grow faster,” says Bourbeau.

“The program is incredibly simple: Buy quality products, get points, get quality rewards. Buy today what you bought yesterday, but when you’re enrolled in the loyalty program you start earning points on qualifying products,” Bourbeau says.


  • 27% increase in qualifying products over 2017
  • 20% increase in operator enrolment over 2017
  • 1,599,733 = total points redeemed in 2018
  • 26,000 = largest single operator point redemption in 2018