How do you know when to use which type of cheese for the menu item at hand, for maximum efficiency and cost savings – and all while still exceeding customer expectations?

Comparing milk fat in cheese for pizza

We spoke with Casey Zheng, Associate Brand Manager – Parmalat Foodservice, about her company's cheeses in a variety of shred cuts suitable for pizza preparation. All provide the best performance possible in stretch, browning, melting and overall coverage. Higher milk fat (M.F.) cheese generally has a higher melt with lower stretch. When used on pizza, this delivers a greater sheen and “fattier” appearance with less browning. Typical ranges of M.F. for Pizza Mozzarella are between 17% M.F., as in Racolli Pizza Mozzarella 17% Shred, and 27% M.F., as found in Black Diamond Full Fat American Mozzarella Shred.

Going “gourmet” with premium cheese

The benefits to including premium in your menu items:

  • Lends a unique or unexpected flavour profile that will add a twist to traditional pizza and pasta applications
  • Robust, bold and sharp flavours mean a little goes a long way
  • Some full-flavoured premium cheese options with a focus on the flavours of Italy include Galbani Professionale Asiago, Romano & Parmesan Shreds blend, while other “Old World” cheese selections such as Président Professionnel Double Crème Brie add authenticity to appetizers, sandwiches and more
  • Canadian versions of full-flavoured cheese made with 100% Canadian dairy offers a cost-effective alternative to give a gourmet boost to menu items


The right cheese for the job 

(such as 2.3 kg Black Diamond Mild Cheddar Blocks or Racolli 17% Pizza Mozzarella Blocks)

  • Flexibility to slice, shred and cut in-house for best portion control
  • Versatility of being able to transform into a multitude of different formats, cuts and shapes to best suit maximum number of menu items from one block
  • Made without anti-caking agents such as cellulose, which could impact cheese application performance 

PRE-SLICED (such as Black Diamond pre-sliced 14 g Mild Cheddar Slices)

  • Lower labour costs and potentially higher yield in comparison to slicing in-house
  • Faster speed of service
  • Best used in high volume settings and especially for burgers and sandwiches

SHREDS (such as Racolli 17% Pizza Mozzarella Shreds 2.27 kg)

  • Consistency of shreds or dice size for best coverage on pizza, nachos, etc. 
  • Convenient and easy to use straight from the bag
  • Reduces food handling and potential cross-contamination risks

DICED (such as NEW Parmalat 22% M.F. 1/8’’ frozen diced )

  • Pizza Mozzarella is diced and frozen at the peak of performance for optimal functionality
  • Consistent dice size allows for full & even coverage on pizzas
  • Pre-diced format for labour saving and consistent portion control