• Chef Connexion - Spring/Summer 2020

Chef Connexion - Spring/Summer 2020

10 Great Ideas to Win the War on Plastics

Plastics have come under heavy fire, and heavy scrutiny, recently for the congestion and contamination they inflict on our landfills, our oceans and our parks. Governments, consumers, communities – and the restaurant industry – are looking for viable, affordable alternatives. 

At Your Service

What it takes to create the perfect at-table experience.

This is your chance to shine. And we’re not just talking about the cutlery. 

Chickpea Taco Salad

Use the original plant-based protein to make this fresh take on a menu favourite. If you want the chickpeas saucier, add a splash of salsa while cooking or water and tomato paste. 

Craveable Bites

Get creative with rissoles, patties and croquettes 

Do The Math

Numbers + Knowledge = Profitability in the Restaruant Industry

Mining Google Trends Data to Up Your Foodservice Game

How often do you Google?

In 2006, ‘google’ was added as a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary. You know you’ve arrived as a company when your corporate name becomes a colloquial word describing what consumers do five billion times per day.

Off The Beaten Path

How to win when location, location, location is not on your side

Smooth Operator

Yogurt is spreading a little "culture" in global recipes

What They're Saying "IS" Word of Mouth Advertising

Over the last decade, like burning wild fire, word of mouth advertising has erupted into a fierce, influential, and potentially detrimental digital landscape called online reviews.

You're Hired

Would that it were so easy.

These words assume there is a rich pool of capable, willing, hard-working, affordable – never mind experienced – people to hire for front-of-house and back-of house positions.