• Chef Connexion - Spring/Summer 2019

Chef Connexion - Spring/Summer 2019

Butter Paneer Pizza

Paneer Pizza

Naan bread is tasty but can be replaced with 12” (30 cm) prepared pizza crust, if preferred.



Spruce up your space to energize your brand

Brand is the personality of your business. Your brand certainly shines through on the menu and in the food you serve, but how about your décor? Spring is an ideal time to refresh your space to invigorate your brand, engage your customers and revitalize your staff. (Yes, they, too, are energized when you refresh your brand.)



The non-uniform uniform is changing the restaurant dress code

Consistency in the guest experience is a winning factor for successful restaurant brands. From menu execution, service levels, to how the staff are presented, guests return to restaurants where their experience consistently meets their expectations. 

Fresh vs. Frozen


The BIG savings question: Should I use fresh or frozen?

If the idea is to maximize efficiency and save money, you’re not really saving if choosing raw or fresh versus frozen and prepared. David Cocker, Corporate Research Chef & Business Development Manager at Reuven International Ltd., explains why:

Fruit Flan Pizza

For this dessert pizza, use a mix of seasonal berries or try a combination of fresh sliced peaches and raspberries when in season.

Greek-Inspired Feta Pizza

Greek Pizza

Red onion and Kalamata olives are optional but lend authentic flavour to this pizza.

Mozzarella & Pepperoni Pizza


A classic that never goes out of style – made even better with a combination of cheese.

Patio Perfect


Make your diners crave the great outdoors

Spring weather is the first sign that patio season is just around the corner, and for restaurateurs with outdoor seating, this is the time to start envisioning and planning how to create the “perfect” patio experience. Whether you are seating 10 guests or 200, creating an outdoor patio environment that is just as good as your indoor guest experience should be the key focus throughout your patio planning.

Pizzas (and Flatbreads!) with Pizzazz!


Create-Your-Own Pizza is a sizzling hot concept

When it comes to casual dining, BYO – that’s build your own – is the hot pizza trend that continues to gain traction. Whether for dietary reasons, to please particular palates or simply to try something new, giving customers the opportunity to point to and pick out their own toppings, sauce, cheese and crust gives the usual pizza ordering routine a customized spin. All the more so when patrons are also able to watch said pizza being baked until bubbly then served in mere minutes – it’s the ultimate in quick or casual service customer-centred experiences.

Quality And Service From A Premier Loyalty Program


Offering loyalty like no other, the Brand Points PLUS (BP+) program is all about the customer. Free to join, with no commitment required, no extra paperwork and no effect on product pricing, the rewards are never-ending. BP+ points are obtained through Greenbridge Foodservice’s exclusive network of Canadian distributors. How quickly points accumulate is up to you, the operators. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.


It’s a familiar scene in Hollywood movies, top-rated reality shows, and bestselling murder mysteries: Volatile, demanding, unreasonable chefs who make life miserable for their staff, especially those working side by side with them, and have sous-chefs and waitstaff alike in tears. The fictional character is, unfortunately, all too real in many professional kitchens.

It’s a stereotype – and a reality – the industry is actively working to change. With good reason. While the out-of-control gourmet mastermind may play well to movie-goers, reality TV junkies, and whodunit aficionados, it is, quite simply, bad business. 

Reinvent the Brown Bag


Add options to your menu that are good to go!

Canadians are hungering to add minutes to their day without compromising on taste or health. Whether a snack, lunch or full dinner, they want easy, healthful and delicious options, with a particular emphasis on “health.”

Take Your Best Shot

Best Shot

Make your meals camera-ready.

Consider food photography being worth not only a thousand words, but a thousand dollars in revenue for your restaurant brand. In a digital world that’s easily influenced by visual storytelling, this is the impact that high quality styled food images can have in attracting new business to your restaurant.

The Boomer Consumer


Don't rule out these still influential eaters.

If you can remember Encyclopedia Britannica, SwansonTV dinners, party lines, TV converter boxes, banana seat bicycles, transistor radios, the Sears Wishbook catalogue, and the last Stanley Cup parade in Toronto, then you’re a Baby Boomer or the parent of one.

Tip Top Conditions


How to set up a tips policy that works for your operation

Tips. This seemingly simple subject can create havoc in any operation, no matter what size. But setting up a fair tips policy for your restaurant is crucial to staff satisfaction. Where to start? Do servers get to keep whatever tips they make? Is there a pooling policy? Which works best for your operation? And how do you decide?

Try This

Diners are cozying up to sampler menus

The latest data from Technomic appear to confirm the popularity of sampler menus, especially those that include chicken, shrimp and cheese.

Where's the Beef?

Make way for the new "meat" eaters – plant-loving flexitarians.

Over 100 years ago, on April 14, 1912, the last meal they would ever eat was served to the vast majority of the passengers on the R.M.S. Titanic. They had no way of knowing that, a few short hours after finishing dessert, their fates would be sealed.