• Chef Connexion - Spring/Summer 2017

Chef Connexion - Spring/Summer 2017

Brand Me!

It won’t come as news to anyone that the restaurant industry is extremely competitive, with unique concepts opening daily. That’s why a marketable brand is so important to ensuring success.

But how do you determine what your unique brand is?

Cutting Costs: What is the True Costs of Proteins?

Centre-of-plate proteins are some of the most expensive ingredients. Implementing strategies to lower food costs without sacrificing quality and presentation can help your bottom line while feeding creativity and inspiration in the kitchen. Selecting less expensive cuts, marinating with creative sauces, creating soups and stews, and choosing sides that complement well while providing exceptional value are just some of the ways to tame the food cost beast.

Going Global

Creative chefs looking to add zest and excitement to their menus are finding inspiration with seldom-used ethnic flavours.

Going Global - Ethnic Sparks Menu Creativity

Mainstream cuisines such as Chinese and Mexican are making way for more intriguing global fare. Newcomers from across the globe will bring with them exotic recipes and ingredients, spurring fresh inspiration for chefs. Looking at the year to come, specialites like Filipino pancit (noodles) and snigang (soup), Pakistani roadside bun kebabs and Iranian gheimeh (stew will flourish in Canada’s diversifying ethnic food landscape.

Technomic 2017 Canadian Trends Forecast

Hearty Mussel Chowder

Made with seasoned fish stock, white wine, tender corn and cream, this make-ahead soup base is finished to order with plump mussels and fresh herbs. It’s a creamy, thick and hearty chowder served piping hot as is, or garnish with herbed croutons, if desired.

Mini Broiled Seafood Appetizers

Brimming with fish and shrimp, individual bowls of creamy herbed dip are delectable as appetizers served piping hot and golden. Accompany with flatbreads or crackers for spreading and dipping, or garnish with hot Sea Watch Country Crispy Breaded Clam Strip Surfers, if desired.

Romancing the Dessert Menu

Understanding the psychology of the end of meal 4 ways to get your diners to end their meals on a sweet note.

Sweet Sesame Soy Grilled Salmon

Packing a sweet and zesty punch of flavour, this Asian-inspired marinated and grilled salmon entrée is ideal served over jasmine rice with steamed edamame and garnished with enoki mushrooms.

Tandoori Tilapia Skewers

An East Indian inspired appetizer for sharing or serve as a main course.

Thrilla on the Grilla

Here comes summer and it’s time to get your grill on. This year’s hot trends include flat plate grilling, high-end buns, layering, non-meat grilling, and sauces and spices that take old favourites and present them in new and exciting ways.

Waste Not Want Not

Food waste is one of the biggest drags on restaurant profitability. Reducing food waste means improving your bottom line.

We are Family!

Family-owned businesses possess many strengths, such as their ability to look at the long-term development of their operation and align interests between management and owner.