• Chef Connexion - Spring/Summer 2016

Chef Connexion - Spring/Summer 2016

Classic Grilled Chicken

A grilling classic, versatile and easy to prepare—what could be better?

Classic Nachos

Canadians claim this popular dish for themselves—for appetizers, entrees and celebration platters. There are so many options! Replacing grated cheese with a cheese sauce makes nachos current and classy.

Community Connections

Today’s customers want to know all the ways you’re supporting their community. Even venues that entertain plenty of tourists can benefit from doing good—and talking about it. Stretch your mind and stretch your dollars, to build awareness and traffic for your business.

Fresh & Now

What’s better this time of year than simple, light dishes and seasonal favourites?

Hungry for Answers

Research proves that consumers looking online for a place to eat or drink are also looking for your menu. It’s next on their “want to know now” checklist, just after where you’re located. So tell them what you serve! Let’s look at best practices for menus on the Web.

It's a Plan!

Got a business plan? Whether you’ve been serving folks for decades or are just starting out in the food biz, “putting things in writing makes them real.” That’s one great incentive to create a document that outlines your goals.

JoAnne Jabbour, Papa Joe's

When your family has owned a restaurant for nearly 30 years, you’ve truly “lived and learned.” Take it from JoAnne Jabbour who, with siblings Barbara and John, has grown the Charlottetown (P.E.I.) business founded by their father, Joe, after his sudden passing in 1991. One smart move: hiring Executive Chef Irwin MacKinnon as culinary leader 25 years ago.

Jumpin' Burger Joints

All across Canada, diners are talking about juicy, beefy hamburgers—and who’s doing them best. We’ll take a look at just a few venues, and what makes them worthy of discussion. You’ll see carefully selected ingredients and preparation, plus other (mostly fun!) ideas that create standout operations. Here’s your connexion to the best burgers in Canada.

Looking Good

Artful presentation makes food and drink taste even better. Other benefits? Careful placement and attractive containers add value—whether customers are paying top dollar for a 5-course meal or just a few toonies for a bar snack.

Rock, Paper, Chemicals

Paper goods and cleaning supplies are important to any foodservice operation’s bottom line. Food safety and convenience are also key in the decision to buy. And today, these necessary items are being scrutinized for their environmental impact, too. How do you choose?

Seriously Casual

However you define “casual dining” these days, what it often means is “on trend.” Let’s take a look at some of the strategies and venues that give customers what they want today, from chef-casual to fast-casual to QSR.