• Chef Connexion - Spring/Summer 2015

Chef Connexion - Spring/Summer 2015

@ Home on the Web

Even if you’re using standard advertising or social media (consistently, we hope), you really should have a website. Simply because customers today—and potential customers—expect it. Your website is the go-to: Keep it exciting and relevant! But first, it needs to be both functional and interesting.

Better Equipped

Several jobs are never complete in the restaurant business: bringing in more customers, making processes simpler and faster, and finding ways to cut costs. Fortunately, many of today’s trends in technology and equipment can help smart operators move all three to the next level.

Comfort Evolution

Familiar favourites will always be popular with customers, but twists and tricks keep them fresh—and even fun.

Green & Light

Who doesn’t look forward to longer days—and the fresh flavours of spring and summer? Chefs welcome the warmer seasons, with their bounty of produce and the chance to make simpler dishes.

In Good Company

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Every day, you make hundreds of product decisions that affect virtually every aspect of your business. Today, right now, make a promise to yourself: Earn more rewards with every item you order. Here’s how.

Makeover Time

109 seconds. That’s how long most people will take to read your menu. Does it tell customers what they want to know? Is it attractive enough to hang outside the door? Give this selling tool all the attention it deserves.

Recruit & Motivate

You’ve got open slots and you want to fill them. But not with just anyone. There are ways to make the entire hiring process easier, from advertising for help to interviewing to encouraging staff to stick around longer.

Safety Check

Nothing is more unwelcome to your business than causing an outbreak of a foodborne illness, or being traced back to giving someone an allergic reaction. Here’s a variety of tips to help you stay safe.


The birds are tweeting, the fresh peas are snapping, the grill is sizzling…


It’s in full bloom, and customers are craving cool. Here’s inspiration to give them what they want.