• Chef Connexion - menu ideas

Chef Connexion - menu ideas

Bam Bam™ Shrimp Taco Salad

Both taco salads and seafood tacos continue to be popular menu items. This colourful, crisp and fresh spin on the usual taco salad combines the best of these.

Cauliflower Steaks with Coconut Brown Rice and Quinoa

This whole grain main dish is dairy-free, gluten-friendly and vegan. Add any protein, if desired, keeping it meatless with a handful of chickpeas or serving it with grilled sausage. The coconut brown rice and quinoa can do double duty on menus as a hot side dish for curries and stews, or use it as a unique base for rice bowls.

Classic Grilled Chicken

A grilling classic, versatile and easy to prepare—what could be better?

Classic Nachos

Canadians claim this popular dish for themselves—for appetizers, entrees and celebration platters. There are so many options! Replacing grated cheese with a cheese sauce makes nachos current and classy.

Comfort & Style

A bountiful harvest means many wonderful ingredients. Colder weather has customers craving heartier dishes. Then here come the holidays!

Comfort Evolution

Familiar favourites will always be popular with customers, but twists and tricks keep them fresh—and even fun.

Creamy Potato and Vegetable Casserole

For dinner or as a hearty lunch, this comforting casserole is perfect as a meatless main or served alongside roasted chicken. You may wish to blanch vegetables first to speed cook time along. Cooked potato wedges can be halved before casserole is baked for more evenly sized ingredients. The Parmesan cheese is optional, or you may choose to offer it on the side for sprinkling on at the table.

Crispy Garlic-Miso Glazed Cape Hake with Japanese Cucumber Salad

This is the type of recipe you may expect to see with salmon, yet is exceptional with hake. Its mild flavour really lets the savoury garlic-miso glaze shine through. This dish is perfect for enjoying in summer served alongside this crisp and refreshing cucumber salad. Garnish with sliced green onions, if desired.

Cutting Costs: What is the True Costs of Proteins?

Centre-of-plate proteins are some of the most expensive ingredients. Implementing strategies to lower food costs without sacrificing quality and presentation can help your bottom line while feeding creativity and inspiration in the kitchen. Selecting less expensive cuts, marinating with creative sauces, creating soups and stews, and choosing sides that complement well while providing exceptional value are just some of the ways to tame the food cost beast.

Easy Peasy Appetizers

Premade items help you get the apps out fast, and these recipes are super simple!

Going Global

Creative chefs looking to add zest and excitement to their menus are finding inspiration with seldom-used ethnic flavours.

Going Global - Ethnic Sparks Menu Creativity

Mainstream cuisines such as Chinese and Mexican are making way for more intriguing global fare. Newcomers from across the globe will bring with them exotic recipes and ingredients, spurring fresh inspiration for chefs. Looking at the year to come, specialites like Filipino pancit (noodles) and snigang (soup), Pakistani roadside bun kebabs and Iranian gheimeh (stew will flourish in Canada’s diversifying ethnic food landscape.

Technomic 2017 Canadian Trends Forecast

Hearty Mussel Chowder

Made with seasoned fish stock, white wine, tender corn and cream, this make-ahead soup base is finished to order with plump mussels and fresh herbs. It’s a creamy, thick and hearty chowder served piping hot as is, or garnish with herbed croutons, if desired.

Honey Pomegranate Tabbouleh with Quinoa and Ancient Grains

This twist on more traditional tabbouleh switches out bulgur for Quinoa and Ancients Grains Medley, which adds nutty flavour and enticing chewy texture while packing a nutritional wholegrain punch. This is delicious as a side salad or main dish top with roasted, sliced chicken or eggplant and crumbled goat’s cheese.

Hungry for Answers

Research proves that consumers looking online for a place to eat or drink are also looking for your menu. It’s next on their “want to know now” checklist, just after where you’re located. So tell them what you serve! Let’s look at best practices for menus on the Web.

Makeover Time

109 seconds. That’s how long most people will take to read your menu. Does it tell customers what they want to know? Is it attractive enough to hang outside the door? Give this selling tool all the attention it deserves.

Mini Broiled Seafood Appetizers

Brimming with fish and shrimp, individual bowls of creamy herbed dip are delectable as appetizers served piping hot and golden. Accompany with flatbreads or crackers for spreading and dipping, or garnish with hot Sea Watch Country Crispy Breaded Clam Strip Surfers, if desired.

Onion Ring-Wrapped Fried Eggs with Seasoned Hash

This creative breakfast entrée features over-easy eggs nestled in crisp onion rings with a well-seasoned twist on traditional hash browns. Serve as is, pair with sausages or bacon, or top grilled strip loin steak with an onion ring-wrapped fried egg for brunch or dinner. Go with either one or two eggs per order along with some of the seasoned hash – this recipe makes enough hash browns for four servings. Onion rings can be baked ahead of time then popped into the skillet for finishing to order with fried eggs.

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