• Chef Connexion - Fall/Winter 2019

Chef Connexion - Fall/Winter 2019

20/20 Vision

Top industry trends to keep you on track

Hard to believe, but 2020 is right around the corner, and with it the promise of new trends to help operators run better businesses. We asked our data partner, Technomic Inc., to tap into the top trends:

Be Seen Being Green

Eco-friendly kitchens are setting the tone

Caring about – and caring for – the environment is much more than a flavour-of-the-month issue. More and more, environmental awareness is a differentiator for diners who want their eatery to reflect their ethos. But commitment to environmental concerns does not have to translate into increased costs or additional workload. Indeed, eco-friendly kitchens can give you both a competitive edge and a creative, mouth-watering menu.

Bong Appetit

Cannabis cuisine and cocktails are coming soon

A 2017 Dalhousie University study found that 46% of Canadians are interested in trying cannabis-infused food products.

Chia & Yogurt Green Smoothie

Your customers know they should eat better, but sometimes it’s hard. Make it easy to eat their greens in this deliciously creamy and portable option. No excuses now!

Dairy-Free Golden Coconutmilk Creamer

For centuries, cultures around the world have revered the coconut for its many practical uses. It is the base for this dairy-free creamer. Turmeric, the golden child, adds colour, taste and health benefits. Surprise your vegan guests with this customized creamer for their coffee, or upsell to a latte.

Game On

Using play to keep your guests engaged – and ordering

Oh, the games people play! And not just at home.

Green Tea Berry Smoothie

Blend the health benefits of green tea and fruits for a menu add-on that also pleases the palate.

In a Stew

Adding slow food in a fast-paced world

Give your customers the pleasure of slow food in this fast-paced world. Simple, yet sublime with infinite variety, this staple of kitchens worldwide brings comfort in every bite. Slow and relaxed, evoking an island state of mind.

Instagram 201

Now that you have an Instagram account, where do you go from here?

London Fog Latte

A fog of warmth will envelope your customers as they sip this comforting cup.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Elevate the fan favourite, kid-approved hot chocolate for those who crave tradition with a twist.

Midnight Bubbly

Fall and winter months bring plenty of opportunities for celebrating. And more often kids are joining in these parties. This mocktail and refresher drink is easy to prepare: the kids will be toasting your brilliance.

Stirring the Pot

Soup Bases Offer Soup-er Cost-effective Options

Working with soup bases can save you time, labour and money. Two experts share their chef tips and soup-er recipes.

The New Healthy

How does your menu measure up?

Big non-meat, plant-based alternatives are here to stay – and growing.

The Perfect Sammich

The sandwich generation - building the perfect sammie from bread to fillings

Canadians love their sammies. Nearly two-thirds of Canadian restaurant operators (63.6%) include sandwiches on their menus, according to Technomic. Sales data reveal diners adore their favourites, and there is also a big appetite for new temptations that go beyond the usual (think turkey club), while limited time offers help drive traffic.

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