• Chef Connexion - Fall/Winter 2015

Chef Connexion - Fall/Winter 2015

Being Social

Whether you’re new to social media or have been doing it for quite a while, it’s always a good idea to review and refresh your strategy. Especially since things continue to evolve. New online platforms are launched, foodservice competitors come and go, and your own circumstances change.

Buy Brands. Enjoy Rewards.

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Calories Count

Many customers are looking to reduce the amount of calories, sugar and fat in their daily diets. Here’s how to help them do just that—and how to talk about it. As our government continues to introduce bills requiring calorie posting, why not create and promote items that could be profitable now?

Comfort & Style

A bountiful harvest means many wonderful ingredients. Colder weather has customers craving heartier dishes. Then here come the holidays!

Dollars & Sense

Does anyone like dealing with numbers? Most operators got into the foodservice business to feed people. But tracking the loonies and toonies—and knowing just how profitable you are—is very important. And once you get an efficient, workable process, this too can be satisfying. Because you’ll be well on your way to finding out how profitable you can become!

Follow the Leader

The major chains are continually reviewing their menus—for relevance of items and categories, visual style and more. And if they’re a bit tardy in their evaluations, they wind up in the news. Witness McDonald’s almost desperate attempts to shore up sales by eliminating items and trying to be more like other, block-busting chains. Let’s take a look at success stories and lessons from the Big Guys.

Hot Trends

Following “what’s hot” in foodservice is a matter of choice. Trends come and go, but sometimes it makes sense to latch onto one or more. And it always makes sense to be aware of what’s going on. Here are several trends that continue to gain traction.

Slice Food Waste

Food cost for restaurants is typically 30 to 34 percent, and the key variable here is waste. Several factors make the difference, from ordering and inventory tracking to portion control and effective storage. Can you spot ways to improve? Even small adjustments will help subtract from the whopping $31 billion wasted in Canada each year—9 percent of that by restaurants and hotels—while benefiting your own bottom line.