Chef Connexion - menu ideas

    Classic Grilled Chicken

    A grilling classic, versatile and easy to prepare—what could be better?

    Classic Nachos

    Canadians claim this popular dish for themselves—for appetizers, entrees and celebration platters. There are so many options! Replacing grated cheese with a cheese sauce makes nachos current and classy.

    Comfort & Style

    A bountiful harvest means many wonderful ingredients. Colder weather has customers craving heartier dishes. Then here come the holidays!

    Comfort Evolution

    Familiar favourites will always be popular with customers, but twists and tricks keep them fresh—and even fun.

    Easy Peasy Appetizers

    Premade items help you get the apps out fast, and these recipes are super simple!

    Hungry for Answers

    Research proves that consumers looking online for a place to eat or drink are also looking for your menu. It’s next on their “want to know now” checklist, just after where you’re located. So tell them what you serve! Let’s look at best practices for menus on the Web.

    Makeover Time

    109 seconds. That’s how long most people will take to read your menu. Does it tell customers what they want to know? Is it attractive enough to hang outside the door? Give this selling tool all the attention it deserves.

    Smoked Appetizers

    Employ your smoker, buy pre-smoked items, or use liquid smoke for deep—and trendy—flavour.


    The birds are tweeting, the fresh peas are snapping, the grill is sizzling…


    It’s in full bloom, and customers are craving cool. Here’s inspiration to give them what they want.